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About us

Our core Values, Identity, Fraternity and Transcendence

Over half a century of history, San Viator School has laid the foundations for a renowned project of academic excellence, where tradition is one of our most valuable assets. As an academic calendar B, co-educational, bilingual, and IB school, we take pride in reflecting on our 50+ generations of graduates, each of whom proudly carries the San Viator seal and spirit. It is the enduring legacy of our lion's mark, which continues to thrive with each new generation.


We foster an inquiring spirit in our students giving them the tools to explore all the possible ways to find their identity, what makes them different to others, and their own values, qualities and strengths. As they engage with the world around them, they should be able to express themselves, define their personal mission, and develop their intellectual, academic, emotional, and spiritual growth. Parents and teachers share the responsibility of guiding them in this journey of self-discovery and helping them find their place in the world


A Viatorian student understands, values, and actively engages in the processes of human interaction in their environment, fostering respect, dynamism and a sense of service. Fraternity expands and complements the development of the self, by fostering a natural connection with one’s peers. This connection nurtures personal effort and commitment towards the group.


 A Viatorian student, as a human being, has physical and spiritual dimensions, their education should aim to foster both of them. Our Christian-life project places special attention on caring for others. A true Viatorian stance entails a committed and selfless pursuit of spiritual and social empowerment. 

About us

Our history

St. Viator School opened its doors in Bogotá in February 1963 to students in the first year of middle school. From that moment on, a grade level was added every year. On December 4th, 1968 the first group of Viatorians were awarded their baccalaureate diplomas. In the early ’80s, the Primary section welcomed its first students. At the turn of the century, the first Viatorian girls started to be part of the community. Soon, the pre-school session received its first students too. Today, San Viator School runs a fully bilingual program in the Academic Calendar B. We continue instilling in all our students the values of identity, fraternity, and transcendence that have identified our institution over the years. To date the school has achieved and collected accolades for its academic excellence, sports achievements, and social causes, making it a beacon on the national academic scene.

Environmental Responsibility

As part of our Environmental Management System, we actively participate in activities promoting comprehensive waste management and social impact campaigns. We collaborate with waste management organizations dedicated to reusing and recycling materials, contributing to the production of items that fulfil different needs. Our infrastructure includes a water purification facility, a wastewater treatment plant, and a solid water collection center, all designed to minimize our impact on natural resources.


The scholarship committee is an independent entity made up of three members. Two of these members are designated by the school’s president and, the third one is selected by the school. The committee convenes to review and analyze the cases of each applicant and determine the recipients of the scholarship benefits. We take great pride in our scholarship program, as it has provided financial assistance to up to 15% of our students since its establishment.