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process for new students

Contact us:
Si estás interesado, puedes comunicarte con el Departamento de Admisiones, escribiendo al correo: o al WhatsApp: 3160104360 o diligenciando este formulario:
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The first step to get to know better. 
Interview and Admission Assessment:
Once all the documents have been reviewed, our admissions department, along with the psychology department and the office of the Academic Director, will arrange an interview and assessment session. This initial encounter will give you a glimpse into what will eventually become your home away from home, our school. 
Admission Committee:
After carefully evaluating the results from the interview and exam, our Admission Committee will determine whether to offer you a place at our school. 
The final step of the process, signing the enrolment documents and we will welcome you to our great community 

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Any unresolved questions?

For more information, you can contact our Admissions Coordinator, Paula Diaz, at

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